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  • Hello Homo sapiens,

    In order for you to enter the online edition of the textbook, you will need an access code. 

    • Eighth graders - the life science access code is E248703383.
    • Seventh graders - the physical science access code is F52EECB226.

    When you click on the correct textbook link below, the next page you see has a link that says:

    For Online Student Edition Click Here - go ahead and click here.

    Next page asks for your access code...type in the correct code from above; click Submit.

    There will be a picture of the cover of our the top of the picture, click on "Interactive Student Edition Contents."

    What appears next is a list of all the chapters in the on the chapter you want to view.

    Once there, you can turn each page in the chapter using the bottom "contents" button.

    Have Fun All!!!