Supply List

  •  Room 203

    1st Grade- Room 203 and 216

             3 boxes of tissues

             4 composition notebooks (blue, red, black and yellow)

             Ticonderoga Primary size pencils (the other kinds don’t sharpen well)

             1 bottle of hand sanitizer

             1 Lysol All Purpose Spray Cleaner or Antibacterial Wipes (not baby wipes)

             2 plastic folders

             1 package of glue sticks

             1 pair of Fiskar scissors

             1 pink pencil eraser (be prepared to replace throughout year)

             3 packages of low odor dry erase markers (minimum of 4 per pack)

             book bag or backpack (no wheels—they are difficult to fit in the lockers!)

            1 box of crayons (no more than 24 in a box)

    *NO water bottles