Hello Parents

  • Here is a copy of my introductory letter.

                                    September 2016

    Greetings Parents,

        Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Hall. I’ve been teaching at the Discovery School for seventeen years. I started the First Grade program here. I’m very excited about teaching your children and getting to know all of them and all of you. I encourage parents to come in and volunteer. If you have any hobbies that you’d like to share with us please let me know and we’ll set up a time and date for you to come in and work with the children. If you’d just like to give me a hand by donating your time to run things off or file papers or reading with small groups of children that is appreciated too.

        In case you didn’t receive a supply list, the supplies for our room are:

    1st Grade- Room 203 and 216

             3 boxes of tissues

             4 composition notebooks (blue, red, black and yellow)

             Ticonderoga Primary size pencils (the other kinds don’t sharpen well)

             1 bottle of hand sanitizer

             1 Lysol All Purpose Spray Cleaner or Antibacterial Wipes (not baby wipes)

             2 plastic folders

             1 package of glue sticks

             1 pair of Fiskar scissors

             1 pink pencil eraser (be prepared to replace throughout year)

             3 packages of low odor dry erase markers (minimum of 4 per pack)

             book bag or backpack (no wheels—they are difficult to fit in the lockers!)

             1 box of crayons (no more than 24 in a box)

    *NO water bottles


         We follow a simple method of students monitoring their own behavior. We use a color change system. Each child begins the day on green. If they break a rule their color is changed to yellow. That means that they will have a yellow stamp in their agenda. Each infraction is pointed out to the students as they occur. They are required to tell the adult at the end of the day why their color was changed. We also use ClassDojo. Each color change results in a negative dojo point. Once you sign up for ClassDojo you will be emailed or texted each positive and negative pioint your child gets in school as they happen! You can also text me directly through this app. We are very excited about it!

        Homework is given on Monday is due on Friday. They will bring home an ELA homework notebook and a math packet. The students are expected to glue a page into their homework notebook on Monday. The sheet has 15 words for your child to use in sentences. Please don't overwhelm them and expect them to complete all 15 sentence in one night. Have them do 4-5 sentences each night and one math sheet. Your child should be able to complete their homework independently. It’s alright to reread the directions if they’ve forgotten them. Remember, it’s your child’s homework and we are working together to build a good habit that will help your child gain responsibility and independence. All homework should be handed in by Friday at the latest.  Don’t forget to sign the homework notebook and the math packet!

        Please read every day with your child. Studies have proven that children that read daily become better readers and reading comes more easily to them. Keep the reading logs and return them to school when they’re due. Each child is required by the district to read a minimum of 25 books each year. In addition to reading please play the Math games that will be sent home. Since we are a hands-on program the games replace Math worksheet. Playing the games is how your child practices the Math skills that we are working on.

        First Grade is very different from Kindergarten. We share one assistant between the two of us.  Please help your child by encouraging independence. First Graders are responsible for unpacking their backpacks and bringing all important papers and homework in to the classroom each day. They are expected to be responsible for their own belongings. One of my favorite sayings is “If you don’t want it lost or broken don’t bring it to school.”

        I’m looking forward to sharing this year with you and your child. Please call me at school 816-4922 ext. 1203 before or after school with any question or concerns about our classroom. You can e-mail me at shall@buffaloschools.org

    Stephanie Hall