• Buffalo Public Schools Mentoring
    Teachers with NYS Initial teaching certificates must complete a mentored experience.

    Buffalo Public Schools Teacher Mentoring program will build relationships that encourage and support:

    • an understanding of district expectations.
    • achievements of personal and professional goals.
    • development of sound practices that lead to high quality instruction for all students.
    • favorable rate of new staff retention. 
    Mentor services are available to teachers in their first three years of teaching within the Buffalo Public School District. After initial contact mentors will work with teachers in a variety of ways. The mentor teacher and mentee teacher relationship is one of strict confidence.

    District Mentor Teachers
    School 309, Room 313
    820 NorthHampton Street
    Buffalo, NY 14211

    Debra Pinkowski
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    Ann Marie Hernandez
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    Bethany Vivian

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    Mentoring Verification
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