September Classroom Information


    Sneakers:  The children will participate in gross motor activities daily.  We will also use the playground throughout the week.  I strongly suggest your child wears sneakers daily.

    Lunch:  We will be eating lunch around 11:45 am.  Lunches should be brought to school in bags or in lunch boxes.  Please mark them with your child's name.  You will receive a monthly lunch calendar.  School lunches are free.
    Snack:  We will have a snack at the end of the day.  A monthly snack calendar will be sent home.  I will alert you if there are any food allergies.
    Birthdays:  We will celebrate your child's birthday as close to the special day as possible.  You may send in a treat for the class.  Please do not send in anything that needs to be cut up.  This can be messy and it will leave less time for our celebration.  
    **If your child is having a party outside of school - please do not send invitations to school.  We will have a classroom birthday/playdate directory that will go home this year.
    School bags:  In order to avoid loss of papers and books, a book bag is necessary.  PLEASE make sure it is large enough to hold a school folder.  We will use your child's take home folder for all notes, take home papers, behavior charts, etc., so please check it daily.  Also, check the school bag daily as often papers "magically" fall out of the folders.
    Take home/school folder:  The folder will be used to bring home all letters and papers from school.  Please use it to send in notes to me or the office, or anything else you need us to know about.  
    Scholastic Magazine Fee:  There is a $5.75 fee for the weekly Scholastic Magazine.  Please send in cash only.
    Notes:  When your child is absent, please send in a written excuse on the day he/she returns to school.  If your child's transportation is different than usual, please write a note to let us know.  This will make dismissal run much smoother and help ensure that your child will arrive at his/her destination safely each day.  Please do not email changes in dismissal as there is no guarantee that I will view my email before the end of the day.   
    Book Clubs:  Each month you will have the opportunity to purchase books from various book clubs.  Each book purchased earns points for our class to get free books.  It is exciting to get books in school.  It also helps to build a love for reading.  Read the attached note to see the date orders must be returned to school.  Please pay for your order by check (NO CASH PLEASE), and make sure the check is made payable to the book club (Scholastic Books).  I will also send home information to order books online with the first book order.
    Apple of our Eye:  Every child will have the opportunity to be the Apple of our Eye for a week.  You will receive a poster to be completed at home and a letter explaining the week.