• Guidance Document. Language Acquisition-CTLE Requirements



    Any professional development that can be considered for Language Acquisition-CTLE approval must include the following within the PGS course submission:

          Explicit detail as to what language acquisition needs are being addressed within the syllabus of the course. Next to the specific need being addressed, please note the time period that will be dedicated to the specific topic (i.e. 30 minutes)  Any course submitted that does not include these two things (1.) time next to (2.) language acquisition strategies addressed, both embedded into the syllabus, will be returned.


          When entering the information into the syllabus, language acquisition needs that are allowable as Language Acquisition-CTLE credit include:

    • Best practices for Bilingual Education
    • Best practice for ENL Educat
    • Cultural responsiveness in relation to multilingual learners
    • Co-teaching strategies for teachers with multilingual learners
    • Integrating language and content instruction for ELLs
    • ELLs’ social and emotional development needs