• Discovery School #67 believes in ...

    Whole Child Development:

    (intellectual, physical, social, and emotional) through appropriate practice. Children's classroom activities are balances with each child's overall development(maturation) and knowledge base (experiences) so that school success (learning) is assured.

    Inquiry-Based Learning:

    developing critical and creative thinking skills, promoting in-depth understanding of the learner's environment, as well as the learner's impact upon that environment. Children learn through experiences with people, things, and events. Through questioning and reasoning, the explore solutions and construct knowledge as to how their world works.


    Integrated Center-Based Curriculum:

    equally emphasizing the process and content standards (thinking/learning and content/knowledge skills). Part of each day is devoted to open, challenged, and guided explorations in centers. The children's interests influence the selection of content themes. Relevant subjects are interwoven within these themes.

    "Hands-On and Minds-On Learning":

    thoughtful engaging the learner with authentic materials in real-life learning situations and applications.


    Individualized Learning Programs:

    fostering developmental growth and learning. Each child's learning program is based on continuous observations, portfolio collections, and conferencing between student, parent, and teacher.


    Personal Development:

    through self-management, self-evaluation, and learner responsibility. This is learned by the intentional teaching of appropriate behaviors through teacher modeling, student practice, and review.