The ECHS Tree


    The East Community High School Tree

    The tree is a symbol of knowledge, power and life as it is a source of sustenance and protection. Our tree has strong roots that anchor it while perpetually imbuing the tree with the water and nutrients. It’s trunk supports the major branches, which in turn support the minor branches on which grow the leaves. All of the parts of the East Community Tree work in harmony to provide sustenance, protection and preparation for East Community students as they develop into competent, caring and community conscious professionals.


    Our roots comprised of the minerals derived from our respective heritages and communities imbue all parts of  the tree with the ingredients needed for success. We honor our heritage.

    TRUNK (Supports Our Tree)

    The trunk, professional culture and norms, is the largest part of our tree.  It is the conduit through which nutrients reach all parts of the tree.  It is the supporting structure upon which all of our efforts will be supported.

          • Professional Culture and Norms
            • Courteous Interactions at all times, even when the other person is not courteous
            • Communicate using Professional Language
            • Confident Self-Presentation - appropriate attire and body language (Swag)


    The trunk supports large (major) branches, which in turn supports smaller (minor) branches, the end of which we find the leaves (specific actions).  We have 3 major branches which represent the school instructional foci.

    1) Higher Order Thinking Assignments and Activities (H.O.T.A.A.)

    2) Diagnosing and Correcting Misconceptions in Student Learning

    3) Literacy Across the Content Areas

    5 KEYS OF SUCCESS (Life Blood of Our Tree)


    Doing what’s right even when no one is watching.


    Dedicating yourself to a task or a cause, then holding yourself accountable.


    Making yourself do what you’re supposed to do, even when you don’t feel like it.


    Not giving up when the going gets tough.


    Keeping your mind on the task at hand.