• Ms. McGee & Ms. Miller

    Rooms 112 & 111

    Pre- K Team 2019-20

    Backpack Icon

    Supply List

    1 marbled composition notebook (homework)

    2 red folders with pockets (communication)

    1 mat (no stuff animals or pillows) Mats can be purchased at Walmart and online

    1 complete change of clothing labeled with your child’s name:

    • Including socks and 2 pairs underclothes

    1 long sleeved sweatshirt or sweater

    2 boxes of tissues

    1 hand sanitizer

    1 bottle of anti-bacterial soap

    1 package disinfecting wipes

    1 box of gallon size zip-lock baggies

    1 box of quart size zip-lock baggies

    1 pkg. baby wipes

    1 roll paper towels

    1 back pack

    Sneakers/gym shoes

    $6.00 for Scholastic Weekly Reader subscription

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