5th Grade


    Grade 5 Supply List – Houghton Academy #69 2019-20


    Math and Science (Mr. Kiser)

    • One 2-inch binder
    • One package of dividers to be used with the binder
    • Two packs of loose-leaf paper
    • Two folders (assorted colors) to be used as take home folders for math and science work
    • One box of 24 pencils
    • One package of block erasers
    • Two boxes of tissue


    ELA and Social Studies (Ms.Scarcella)

    EVERYDAY a prepared Student need two sharpened pencils.

         2 Pkgs. Pencils and 1 Pkg. Blue or Black stick pens

    • 3 1-subject spirals (ELA-green, S.S.-orange, Book log-blue)
    • 3 Sturdy folders w/prongs (green, orange and any color for homework)
    • Pencil bag (no boxes) for class and specials
    • 24 crayons and 12-24 colored pencils
    • Loose leaf notebook paper
    • 2 boxes tissues
    • Come in with a book to read starting the first day and everyday.


    * Please buy multiple items when on sale (especially tissues) when on sale and keep them at home in case your child runs out. Some supplies will need to be replenished mid-year.

    * Agenda money ($5.00) will not be collected this year as it was in the past. Instead, we request that you purchase your child a pair of ear buds/headphones to use on their school provided tablet.


    Disinfectant wipes and paper towels are ALWAYS a welcome donation!

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