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     Welcome to our Pre-K classroom webpage!

    Ms. Nadine Jones             Ms. McCarville

    Here you will find lots of information that is specific to our Pre-K program and classroom! Please check back often to see all of the exciting things we will do throughout the year!

    *Important Contact Number: 816-4794 (Ms. Jones)

     Pre-Kindergarten Students...

      learn to share by sharing.

     learn to care by caring.

     learn to help by helping.

     learn to clean by cleaning.

     learn to write by writing.

     learn to read by reading

     learn to solve problems.

     learn to take turns.

     learn to wait their turn.

     learn to role play.

     learn to engage in dialogue.

     learn to use their imagination.

     learn to use their creativity.

     learn to explore.

    learn to LOVE learning!!

    Everyday is a learning day. Everyday brings new opportunities and experiences. As spring approaches and nature grows and changes take the time to stop and count the trees, bees and bugs. Smell the flowers and watch the ducks swim in the pond. As Parents please remember that you are your child's first and most important Teacher. They learn everything from you. They are modeling you. Be the best that you can be and they will be the best that they can be.  

    Make everyday learning count!  Over the next several weeks, I will be conducting a formal (Circle data assessment and an informal assessment) of your child's skills. You are welcome anytime to review your child's skills. Please call and make an appointment.

                          As always you are your child's first Teacher!!

    Points Of Interest:

    Field trip forms were recently sent home. Please review them and send them back to class as soon as possible.

    The Read to Me Program is in full swing. Please read and discuss the story with your child. Your child selected the story from our generated classroom library. The books were purchased through Scholastic etc. from me and awarded through extra bonus points. If you happen to lose or misplace a book please send in $3.00 to replace it.  Please read daily.

    (Each child will receive several books throughout the year to keep!!)

    The Pre-K Monthly Homework Flyer folder has begun. At the end of each month the children will receive a prize/certificate when they turn in their completed folder. Let's get 100% participation for an ice cream social.

    Behavior Puppet Buddies- Zippy and Moe are doing their part to help the children remember their color rules. Zippy and Moe had a busy year this year. Students will create a Zippy and Moe to take home.

    Green- I had a great day! Yellow- I needed a reminder. Red- I had to talk to                                                                                              Zippy and Moe

                        I Look Forward to Teaching Your Children!!

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