Wanted: Classroom Supplies

  • Your child will need the following supplies:


     1. One book bag

     2.  Two (2) Marble Composition Notebooks

     3.  One box of Kleenex/wet wipes

     4.  One art smock- a men's dress shirt (old)

     5.  $ 5.00 to purchase the Scholastic News- Let's Find Out

     6.  One bottle of 99% hand sanitizer

     7.  One complete change of clothes labeled

     8.  One (1) white - 1in. 3 ring binder with pockets and Clear View front


     9.  Old magazines to cut for projects

    10. One disposable indoor camera with a flash-will be used for portfolio

    11. Throughout the year a list will be sent home as needed for supplies

    AT HOME:

    1.  A quiet place to work

    2.  One pencil box

    3.  Two pencils

    4.  One package of markers

    5.  One bottle of glue

    6.  One box of crayons

    7.  One pair of scissors

    8.  Drawing paper/construction paper

    9.  Please keep all materials together for homework use


    Pre-Kindergarten students use many materials to enhance their creativity and imagination on a daily basis. 

    Please send in any donations of the following:

    paper plates (small/large), paper bags (small), any color of tissue paper or felt pieces, play doh, watercolor painting strips, washable markers, wet wipes, old magazines, pom pom balls (any colors)- just about anything that can be placed in an art area.