Classroom-Pre-Kindergarten News- Letter to Parents


     Pre-Kindergarten  News

             Lots of great things are happening inside and outside of our          Pre-Kindergarten classroom. Mark Your Calendars!!


    January 3, 2017:  New Year to New Beginnings!!

    Reading:   Big Day for Pre-k

    Theme 4: Awesome Animals

    Over the next four weeks, the students will be learning all about animals. From pets, to animals in the wild the students will be reading stories, role playing and getting hands-on animal experiences. 

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    Math: Building Blocks

    Students will be counting, sorting, measuring, making patterns, creating graphs, adding/subtracting (through story problems) and sequencing events through the use of math manipulatives that are used in the classroom.


    January 20th: Field Trip to Explore and More