Class rules and expectations


    Students have the right to a fair and safe education.

    Students are expected to follow all classroom and school rules.

                          Classroom Rules

    Rule #1: Walk in the classroom

    Rule #2: Be kind to everyone

    Rule #3: Listen to the speaker

    Rule #4: Complete your work

    Rule #5: Raise your hand for permission to talk or leave your seat


    Consequence #1: Verbal warning

    Consequence #2: Loss of classroom privileges

    Consequence #3: Written letter sent home

    Consequence #4: Phone call home

    Consequence #5: Meeting with parents

    *severe behavior issues will result in an office referral*


    Class Participation

    Classwide Attendance:  If our class has perfect attendance for the day we will receive a "happy" face on our Perfect Attendance chart.  When we fill our chart with "happy" faces we will get a chance to spin the school's prize wheel!   

    Brownie Points:  If everyone in the class completes their homework, the class earns a "brownie" for our tray.  When the tray is full of "brownies" then the entire class earns a "brownie sundae" party! Complete your homework!

    Individual: Students will utilize a school-wide PBIS (positive behavior intervention support) system where they will have the opportunity to earn "PBIS" tickets each day based on their preparation for class, respect towards teachers and peers, ability to follow classroom rules and overall class participation for the day. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to earn more tickets based on their level of effort in the classroom.  These tickets are placed inside an envelope in the classroom.  On Fridays, a ticket with a student's name is pulled from the envelope and that student will have a chance to earn a prize during lunch. 



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