Positive Behavior

  • PBIS is an initiative that guides schools through a process of designing a proactive and positive school-wide discipline plan.

    Strategies and interventions are:

    • Proactive - schools will structure their settings and procedures to prevent misbehavior.
    • Positive - schools will rely on positive interactions with students.
    • Instructional - staff will use corrections as teachable moments.
    • Research-based - schools will implement current research on managing student behavior through positive behavior support.
    • Data-driven - schools will make decisions based on data that is collected over time.

    PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) is a three-tier prevention logic that requires that all students receive supports at the universal or primary tier.  If the behavior of some students is not responsive, more intensive behavioral supports are provided in the form of secondary (group) or tertiary (individualized) supports.



    At Houghton Academy we encourage our students by handing out PBIS tickets for good behavior. Students who earn tickets are entered into a raffle and one winner from each classroom is chosen each week for a PRIZE!

    Students can earn tickets by being Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Life Long Learners!