Module 1

  • Module 1: Ratios and Proportional Relationships

    -          Relates to Unit 2 in the Buckle Down Page

    o   Practice test: page 87 - 92


    -          Ratios and Rates

    -          Unit Rates / Unit Prices / Constant of Proportionality (C.O.P.)

    -          Equivalent Ratios

    -          Identifying Proportional and Non-proportional relationships

    -          Using Table/graph/equations

    -          Scale Drawing /  Scale Factor




    Ratio, Rate, Unit Rate/Unit Price, Proportion/Proportional, Constant of Proportionality (C.O.P.), Scale Drawing and Scale Factor.


    Ratio- Comparison of 2 numbers expressed as a fraction in the simplest form

    Rate- a ratio in which the terms have different units

    Unit Rate- A rate that has the 2nd quantity (bottom of the fraction) = to 1

    Unit price – a price for one unit of a product.

    Proportion – states that two ratios are equal.

    Constant of Proportionality – (C.O.P.) – unit rate


    Previous Skills:

    Converting decimals/fractions/percents

    Operations: Multiplying/Dividing/Adding/Subtracting


    -          Dividing with fractions (K-C-F)

    Working with tables/graphs/equations


    Homework Assignments: