Classroom News

  • Tardiness/Absences
    Pre-K attendance records are reported on your child's permenant record.
    All Children neend to be in the classroom at 9:00 A.M. Any time after that is considered late.
    If your child is late you must accompany them to the office and receive a late slip.
    The slip goes with your child to give to his/hers teach. Absences must be excused.
    This means if your child is absent they must have a note with the date,
    reason for the absence and your signature. (or a doctor's note)

    Germs travel quickly and easily in Pre-K! If your child is not feeling well,
    I ask you to use your best judgment when deciding whether or not send him/her to school.
    We always want to see their smiling faces, of course but if those faces have puffy eyes and runny noses,
    I would rather your child stay home and receive some TLC from you!
    Contact Information
    It is imperative that we have the most currant information.
    Any changes in phone numbers, emergancy contact information and new addresses 
    must be sent in writing as soon as possible or you may contact the main office and update your information that way.