What are we doing all day?!?

  • Are you asking yourself, "What on earth do they do all day, anyway?"  Visit this page monthly to find out!


    During the months of September/October our theme is:

                                      Ready for School

    Children learn the expectations,routines and behaviors of school.   We explore four big ideas: 

    My School: I am getting to know my school.

    Making Friends:  I will make friends at school.

    Learning Together: I work and play with my friends at school.

    Getting Along:  I know how to share and I care about the feelings of others.   

    Letters we are learning: Aa and Bb.



    During the months of October/November our theme is:

                                            My Family   

    Children learn, talk, read, and write about family members, family roles, and unique qualities of families.  We explore four big ideas:

    Who's in My Family?:  I am an important part of my family.

    We Take Care of Each Other:  I love my family and they love me.

    Family Fun:  I share special times with my family.

    All Kinds of Families:  Every family is unique.

    Letters we are learning: Cc, Dd and Ee.



    During the months of November/December our theme is:

                                        Our Community

    Children learn, talk, read, and write about their community and the importance of good citizenship.  We explore four big ideas:

    Places We Go:  I visit many places in my community.

    People We Meet:  The workers in my community help everyone.

    Things That Move:  Transportation is for doing jobs and getting around our community.

    Going Green!  I can make a difference.

    Letters we are learning: Ff, Gg, Hh and Ii.



    During the months of December/January our theme is:

                                      Awesome Animals

    Children learn about life science through the exploration of animals and animal life cycles.  We explore four big ideas:

    All Kinds of Animals:  I live in a world full of animals.

    Animal Homes:  Animals have a home just like me.

    Creepy, Crawly Insects:  I am very curious about bugs.

    Animals Grow and Change:  Animals grow and change just like me.

    Letters we are learning:  Jj, Kk, and Ll.



    During the month of February our theme is:

                                        Imagine It, Make It

    Children learn how imagination and creativity shape our world.   We explore four big ideas:

    Using My Imagination:  I can imagine all kinds of things.

    Tools We Use:  I can use tools to create and build.

    Things We Build:  I can use different materials to make new things.

    Art All Around Us:  I enjoy art that other people create.

    Letters we are learning: Mm, Nn, Oo, and Pp.



    During the month of March our theme is:

                                       Growing Up Healthy

    Children learn about their bodies and how to take care of themselves.  We explore four big ideas:

    My Senses: The five senses help me explore my world.

    Taking Care of Myself: I know how to be healthy.

    Eating Well:  I eat healthy foods.

    Staying Safe:  I know what to do to be safe.

    Letters we are learning: Qq, Rr, and Ss.


    During the month of April our theme is:

                                             Nature All Around Us

    Children learn about their environment by investigating characteristics of the natural world.  We explore four big ideas:

    How Do Plants Grow?:   I can plant a seed and watch it grow.

    What's in the Sky?:  I see how the sky is different during the day and night.

    Our Weather:  The weather affects what I wear and do each day.

    The Seasons:  I notice how the seasons change.

    Letters we are learning:  Tt, Uu, Vv, and Ww.


    During the Months of May and June our theme is:

                                              Moving On

    Children reflect on all the ways they have grown and changed during the year.  We explore four big ideas:

    Going New Places:  I am ready to go to new places.

    Trying New Things:  I feel comfortable trying new things.

    I Can Do It!:  I always try my best.

    We're Big Now!:  Look at what I can do now!

    Letters we are learning: Xx, Yy, and Zz