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Ready for School

My Family

  • Are You My Mother?

    Are You My Mother?

    by P.D. Eastman Year Published:
    A baby bird who falls out of his nest asks every animal he sees if they are his mother.
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  • Bear at Home

    Bear at Home

    by Stella Blackstone Year Published:
    Bear gives readers a guided tour of his home, from the kitchen to the bedroom.
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  • Bear's Busy Family

    Bear's Busy Family

    by Stella Blackstone Year Published:
    Bear uses his five sensen to figure out what his family is busy preparing for.
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  • Feast for 10

    Feast for 10

    by Cathryn Falwell Year Published:
    An extended African American family shope for food, perpares a mean, and eats together.
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  • On Mother's Lap

    On Mother's Lap

    by Ann Herbert Scott Year Published:
    An Inuit boy discovers there's room for himself and his baby sister on their mother's lap.
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Our Community

  • Be My Neighbor

    Be My Neighbor

    by Maya Ajmera Year Published:
    Photos and text describe different neighborhoods all around the world.
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  • Everybody Works

    Everybody Works

    by Shelly Rotner and Ken Kreisler Year Published:
    Photos and simple text show the many ways in which work is accomplished.
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  • One Big Building

    by Michael Dahl Year Published:

    A building grows from a simple plan to a twelve-story structure in this construction counting book.

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  • Send It!

    Send It!

    by Don Carter Year Published:
    Readers follow a package from the time it is maild on Monday throught an entire week.
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Awesome Animals!

Imagine It, Make It

Nature All Around Us

Growing Up Healthy

  • Curious George Rides a Bike

    Curious George Rides a Bike

    by H. A. Rey Year Published:
    Curious George helps a boy with his paper route and gets into all kinds of trouble.
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  • Foods from the Farm

    by Rebecca Weber Year Published:

    This book explains how almost everything we eat comes from farms.

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  • From Here to There

    From Here to There

    by Nancy Laney Skultety Year Published:
    Farmer Dibble decides he needs a road built to make his journey into town less bumpy.
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  • Leo the Late Bloomer

    Leo the Late Bloomer

    by Robert Kraus Year Published:
    A tiger cub eventually catches up to his more accomplished friends in this reassuring story of growth and change.
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  • Ollie


    by Ollivier Dunrea Year Published:
    Goslings Gossie and Gertie wait and wait for Ollie to hatch, but independent Ollie comes out when he's good and ready.
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  • Three Feet Small

    Three Feet Small

    by Michael J. Rosen Year Published:
    A bear finds it hard to be little, but just as he's losing hope that he'll never get bigger, he begins to grow.
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  • Tiny's Big Adventure

    by Martin Waddell Year Published:

    Katie Mouse guides her little brother on his first adventure-filled visit to a wheat field.

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