School Uniforms


    ALL students must be in dress code.  NO exceptions will be made. 
    •    Footwear:  Students may wear any shoes or sneakers to school (preferably black)- no sandals without back straps
    •    Socks: Students  may wear any color or type of sock.  Socks are not mandatory during the hot weather months.
    •    Pants/Skirts/Shorts/Skorts/Jumpers:  Khaki or Navy Blue (No Jeans), must be worn around the waist and fit properly (May not hang below their waist)
    o    Shorts, Skirts, or Skorts must not be higher than 3 inches above the knee.
    •    Belts: It is preferred that students wear belts (especially the boys)
    •    Shirts/Sweaters/Sweat Shirts/Turtle Necks:  Navy Blue, Khaki or White (Plain tops- no words, cartoons or pictures)
    o    Long or short sleeves (no tank tops or muscle shirts)
    o    Shirts with a collar are preferred for boys
    o    8th graders may have the word Senior or Class of 2011 on the back of their tops (letters should be no more than 3 inches high)
    o    As always, hoodies and hats may be worn to and from school, but not during the school day

    It will be adhered to everyday.

    Navy Blue Girl's Uniform Jumper with Pleated  Skirt