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    Dear Parents or Guardians,


    Welcome to first grade! This is a very important time in your child’s life. We are sure you have many questions now and throughout the year, so please feel free to contact us at anytime… you can write a note in the take home folder, call the school at 716-816-4809, or email me at  This note should answer some immediate questions.


    Take home Folders: Please make sure your child has their take home folder with them EVERYDAY! This folder should go with them to and from school every day. In addition, you will important notes/information, and daily homework in this folder. Check their folder daily and make sure their homework is completed nightly. We do use an additional “Wednesday” folders so all district/parent/school notes will go home on Wednesday in that folder as well.


    Homework: Students will have homework every night Monday-Thursday.


    Spelling tests: Every week your child will receive their NEW spelling words. Spelling tests will take place every FRIDAY. Spelling words can also be found on our website.


    Reading Logs: Reading logs should stay in their take home folder. When your child reads a book they should put it in the reading log. The reading logs will be refreshed every month. Students need to read 25 books before they can go onto 2nd grade. Incentives such as PIZZA HUT will be awarded.



    Breakfast: Is available at no charge to EVERY student every day. The students can choose to eat breakfast when they arrive or work on morning work. Breakfast is over at 8:25!


    Lunch: We eat lunch every day at 10:50. Lunch is also available at no charge to EVERY student every day. If your child wishes to bring their lunch please make sure it is in a lunch bag/box and it is labeled with their name.


    Snack: Due to our very early lunch time, students will be allowed to have a daily HEALTHY snack. NO PEANUT PRODUCTS PLEASE. We will work out a schedule if parents want to send snack in for the whole class on a monthly basis.


    Water bottles: We encourage the children to bring in a refillable water bottle to school with them each day. Please label water bottles. Studies show that a hydrated child is more alert, can concentrate longer, and performs better in school.


    Our Classroom Temperature: It is ALWAYS very warm in our room. Please keep this is mind when you dress your child for school. It is hot on our room in the fall and spring. Short sleeves and shorts or skirts are appropriate. During the winter months please try to send your child in layers so they can stay comfortable.


    Birthdays: We will celebrate your child’s birthday as close to their special day as possible. Please do not send in anything that needs to be cut up. Cupcakes, pre-cut brownies, or cookies work best. 


    Small Groups: Every day we will have small groups/centers and can always use a parent or two to work with the students. Please feel free to contact us to arrange to come in or just pop in. An extra person is always welcome!


    Website: We keep our website updated pretty regularly. Check it often for updated information about what we are learning, upcoming projects and fun pictures of us in action!


    Email Addresses: Ms. Gilmour loves to keep you updated on up to the minute information and weekly classroom updates! If you haven’t already provided her with your email address please forward it in your child’s take home folder. (There is a spot for it on the first day survey.)


    Remind: If you haven't given me your email address or cell number for texts please do so. This is a great way to keep in touch. Plus the app is free!!!! The classroom code is @msgilmours


    I cannot emphasize enough that your interest and participation are very much welcome and appreciated. Icould not succeed in my job without you! My number one goal is to ensure that your children “LEARN TO LOVE LEARNING.” So with that in mind we must communicate effectively. Please feel free to contact me when you need to discuss any aspect of your child’s education. You can send a note, call the school at 816-4809, or email either me at  I am so excited about this year and look forward to working with you and your child!


    Ms. Kelly Gilmour