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    Welcome to Instrumental Music!

    Music Makes You Smart!

    Studying an instrument is an asset to your child's education.  Music is a powerful tool for developing math skills, literacy, language, self confidence, discipline, as well as physical and emotional well-being.  

    Did you know that musician's brains work differently than non-musicians? Children involved in music study have larger growth in neural activity than those who do not. Yes, studying music increases a child's IQ!  

    More reasons to study music:

    Students who study music graduate from high school and go on to college at greater rates.

    Music improves test scores.

    Music enhances a student's creativity and self expression.

    Music instills teamwork, focuses on "doing" and develops a flexible and supple intellect.

    Music performance teaches students to take risks.

    Please utilize this website to hear about all the great work we are doing in Instrumental Music!