Medical Leave Instruction - Carmen Milioto, Supervisor

    • The Buffalo Public School's Medical Leave Instruction Program provides afterschool academic instruction to elementary and secondary students who are absent due to a documented illness, injury, or pregnancy.
    • The goal of the Medical Leave Instruction Program is to assist students in achieving continued academic success while reducing the high rate of absenteeism. If a child is ill at home or is hospitalized, arrangements will be made through this office to assign a child to an appropriately certified teacher as quickly as possible.
    • General education students in grades 1 through 12 and special education students, ages 5 through 21, who are absent from school due to a documented acute or chronic illness, are eligible for services.

    How to Get Medical Leave Instruction Services for your child.

    • Have your child's physician FAX a signed medical request for instruction on a prescription slip containing the student's name, home school and current grade level to 716-851-3259.
    • Our office will then assign a certified teacher to instruct your child.  You will be contacted by the teacher to set up instruction times. NOTE: An adult over 21 years of age must be present when instruction takes place at home. Also, the teacher's time sheet must have an adult signature verifying instructional times and dates.
    • The Medical Leave Instruction office will also make arrangements to administer New York State Regents exams to any student who is unable to return to school due to illness.
    • A teacher assigned to an ill student may administer the New York State Achievement Tests to his/her student at the student's home, after making arrangements with their home school.
    • If you have any questions or concerns at any time your child is receiving services, please contact us at 716-816-3624/3632. You may also see the Medical Home Instructor's Manual at this website for further information.

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