Tier 1/Universal/Safe and Civil Schools

  • Tier 1/Universal

    In Tier 1 of the PBIS/MTSS-B model, universal or primary approaches that are preventative in nature are put into place (Sugai & Horner, 2002).  These approaches are for all students, staff, and settings and include the development of school-wide expectations, a behavior matrix, and reinforcement systems to reward desired social behavior.  Outcomes, systems, data, and practices are continually evaluated when providing universal supports (Center on Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support). 

    In Buffalo Schools, Tier 1/Universal Teams were formed (composed of building administrators and stakeholder representatives from each building) and provided with professional development on strategies to improve culture and climate in the school.  The Universal Team drives the implementation of RtI Behavior for the school building.  Each school has its own Universal Team.  The Team develops and implements effective behavior management and motivation practices – as well as behavior support for all students. Progress data and outcome data are collected and reviewed by the Team to determine the success of implementation and to determine areas of need.

    High school teams received training specific to the needs of a high school setting by Laura Hamilton, Training Consultant for Safe and Civil Schools, and consultation from Randy Sprick, Ph.D. Director and Lead Trainer for Safe and Civil Schools.  Teams have developed Guidelines for Success, behavioral matrices, behavioral lesson plans, and system practices (such as Start on Time, an intervention strategy to improve the safety of transitions and reduce tardies in high schools)