PBIS Toolbox for Administrators


    On this page, find information and resources that will be helpful to administrators

    Need help getting staff to buy-in and supervise common areas appropriately? Look at "How to Improve Staff Supervision". 

    Want an idea of what your role in PBIS should be?  Look at "Administrative Role in PBIS". 

    Want a quick tool to monitor staff use of classroom management?  Look at "Components of a Successful Classroom". 

    Need help with using Infinite Campus to mangage behavior data? Look at "Using Infinite Campus for Behavior Data", "IT's Powerpoint on Office Discipline Referrals in Infinite Campus", and "Accessing ODR Data From Infinite Campus".

    Want to know what Professional Development opportunities are available to you for your staff?  Look at the powerpoint titled "PBIS Professional Development Opportunities" and the quick reference chart titled "PBIS Professional Development Learning Opportunities Chart".

    Also, find information on alternatives to suspensions and restorative practices

    We would be happy to post information related to PBIS here that you have found helpful as an administrator as well so we can all work smarter and not harder!

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