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    The Buffalo Public School District is committed to ensuring all students obtain their goal of academic achievement.  The responsibilities of parenting and being full-time students are challenging, and without support students may find themselves sacrificing their education, and thus jeopardizing their future; as well as their baby's.  Statistical data points to a strong correlation between students who are either pregnant or parenting dropping out of school.  In the district's effort to eliminate parenting and pregnant student's dropping out, Project A.C.T. was created.

    Project A.C.T. is an outreach connective program that seeks ways to provide services to pregnant and parenting teens attending Buffalo Public Schools such as:

    • Prenatal and post-natal assistance in child rearing and life decision making for the teen mother and or father
    • Assisting students with day care approval and set up; including trips to the Erie County Day Care Unit and completion of child support petition paperwork including trips to Family Court.
    • Assisting students with medical appointments and referrals.
    • Assisting students with academic needs with programs like home instruction and tutoring.
    • Assisting students with academic goals and career paths.
    • Assisting students with obtaining working papers.

    • Coordinate support services by forming links between families, agencies and schools.
    • Connect pregnant and parenting teens to services offered by the Buffalo Public Schools to ensure educational continuity and ongoing participation in opportunities towards success.
    • Provide support services and information that supports both the student's and their child's physical, social, and emotional development.
    If you are:
    • Pregnant
    • Concerned that you may be Pregnant
    • A Teen Mother/Father
    Contact:  Health Related Services
    Project Act Staff
    for assistance

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