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  • In this section you will find general class materials (i.e. requested supplies) and any other information or links that pertain to prekindergarten classroom.
    Mrs. Belcher's Requested Pre-K Supply List
    - 2 rolls of paper towels
    - 2 boxes of tissues
    - 2 containers of foam hand soap
    - 5 single containers of playdough brand playdough (assorted colors, please)
    - 1 container of Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes
    - 1 tub of baby wipes
    - 1 snack food (ie: box of cereal, fruit snacks, etc.)
    - 1 box of ziplock bags (large sized)
    - 1 bag filled with a spare change of clothes (shirt, pants, socks, undergarments)

    Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

    The following Links will provide you with information regarding the Common Core Learning Standards and the Early Literacy and Math Programs used in your child's classroom.

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