School Supplies

  • Welcome back to school! School supplies need to be in school by

    Monday September 8th.

    If you did not get a school supply list from me in the mail over the summer, here it is:



    1-bookbag (without wheels)


    6-composition notebooks

    (wide ruled)


    4- plastic folders with 2 pockets


    2- binders with 3 rings and pockets


    3-bottles of white glue


    2-packs of 24 count Crayola crayons


    1-pair of safety scissors


    2-packs of yellow pencils (20pack)


    1-pack of pink erasers (2 or 3 in pack)


    1-pack of pencil top erasers


    1-   Pack of dry erase markers for a whiteboard

    (4or more in a pack)


    2-big boxes of tissues (used all year)


    2-big bottles of hand sanitizer


    2- containers of chlorox wipes


    1-   Box of clear sandwich size bags

    (Boys only)


    1-box of clear gallon size bags

    (girls only)