Classroom Policies and Procedures

  • Grading Policy
    1. Homework (points lost for being late)
    2. Quizzes
    3. Chapter Tests
    4. Projects
    5. Class work
    6. Class Participation


    Homework Policy
    Assignments are to be handed in on time and completed. Students must ask for missed assignments and turn the work in the next class period.


    Test Policy
    Tests will be given at the end of each chapter. Various formats for the chapter test will be used: M/C, T/F, Matching and short answer.


    Quiz Policy
    Quizzes will be given periodically as a review for the material that has been taught.
    Short 10 point quizzes will be included in the grade.


    HOMEWORK:  Due at the beginning of the next scheduled class. Must be neat and must be completed in full sentences.

    GRADING: Will be based on homework, written and oral projects, chapter quizzes/test and class participation.

    PROJECTS: Must follow the given format. Projects will be oral and or written. Some projects will be completed as an individual; some completed in groups.
    Possible topics: Physical fitness, Mental/emotional health, Nutrition, Disorders, Drug misuse, HIV/AIDS, First aid and Safety.



    1. Materials: For each class you will need a pen, binder/folder and text book.
    2. Homework: Due at the beginning of class. Failure to turn in homework/project will result in loss of points.

    3. Extra help is always available. Please speak with me to arrange time. Before and After school times are available upon request.


    a. Be in your assigned seat before the bell rings
    b. Stay in your seat until the teacher dismisses class. Push your chair in and leave the room in better condition than you found it.
    c. If you have a comment or question, raise your hand, and please do not speak out of turn. Treat everyone with respect, including yourself.
    d. Respect school property, desks, books, etc.
    e. Do not ask to leave the room unless it is an absolute emergency.
    f. Be a willing participant in class discussion. Everyone's opinion is valued and respected.
    g. Arriving late for class without your planner signed, not turning in homework/projects or any other inappropriate behavior will result in after school detention.


    Course Topics:
    A. You and Your Health Ch. 1,2
    B. Physical Fitness and Nutrition Ch. 3,4,5,6
    C. Mental and Emotional Health Ch. 8.9.10
    D. Medicines and Drugs Ch. 23,24,25,26
    E. Diseases and Disorders Ch. 28,29,30
    F. Consumer Choices and Public Health Ch. 32
    G. Injury Prevention and Safety Ch. 34,35
    H. Guest Speakers from Prevention Focus, Erie County Health Department and other agencies.



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