Parent Letter

  • This is a learning environment---NOT Free-play time or Recess!

    Students will learn movement skills, sport techniques, social skills, sportsmanship and fitness all while incorporating the COMMON CORE STANDARDS!



    • Understand the importance of problem-solving, decision-making, cooperation and teamwork
    • Value physical activity as an important aspect of daily living
    • Develop positive self-esteem through physical activity
    • To provide students with opportunities to become proficient movers

    -          Demonstrate fair play and good sportsmanship

    -          Understand fitness concepts and achieve optimal physical fitness

    -         Have an enthusiasm for lifetime sports and recreation        


    Class Attire

    • Sneakers (Traditional style) are required in order to actively participate in class.
    • Regular school dress code is to be followed.


    Attendance Policy

    New York State Law requires that all students must participate in Physical Education classes.  Sneakers are required.  Students under medical care must bring a note from their physician to be excused from class.  To return to Physical Education, a student must bring a medical release from their physician.


    SAFETY is our biggest concern! Therefore it is extremely important to follow the rules.



    • Wear traditional style sneakers with laces.
    • Remove all jewelry.
    • Participate in all class activities.
    • Follow rules and directions.
    • Be respectful of classmates’ feelings and opinions.


    Grades will be based on 4 key components: Skills, knowledge, participation and being prepared for class.

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