• Playing is easy and prior experience in soccer or golf is not necessary! There’s no clubs, no cleats and no goalie – just your friends (like golf), your feet and your ball (like soccer). Players kick a regulation Size 5 soccer ball, starting from the tee box, along the course and try to sink it in the (considerably larger) cup in as few kicks as possible. The ball must always be kicked by the player’s foot – no rolling or dribbling allowed. The lowest total wins, just like golf. Compared to golf, FootGolf is quicker to play, more accessible to players, and does not require expensive equipment.


    The Rules of FootGolf

    What are the rules?

    • Players must wear golf attire; no cleats allowed. Indoor soccer and tennis shoes are appropriate.
    • Your ball must be easy to identify, it is recommended that you bring your own soccer ball as limited rentals balls are available.
    • Wait your turn. Make sure your kick will not interfere with other players.
    • The ball must be played in a single movement. Your foot should be set separate from the ball, clearly behind before the kick.
    • Wait to play until the ball has completely come to rest.
    • Play the ball from where it lies.

    FootGolf as a sport is regulated by the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG). The American FootGolf League (AFGL) is the exclusive member of the FIFG and governing body for the sport in the United States.