HBBA Athletics




    HBBA Bulldogs!!!

    The philosophy of modified is to maximize participation and playing time for students. This level focuses on the growth of basic skills and sportsmanship. We will make every attempt to include as many students as possible on teams. The modified level prepares athletes for the JV level and beyond.

    Your child can enroll in a sport by completing the Medical Eligibility/Parental Permission Form.  These forms can be obtained from the Nurse's Office and/or the Athletic Office and this websit.  This is a medical questionnaire that determines your child medical eligibility for a season.  These must be completed within 30 days of the start of the season.  Also, students participating in multiple seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring) must complete a new form for each season.  In addition to these forms, a student must have a current physical (within 1 year) on file with the school nurse.


    Student-athletes are required to ride district transportation to and from athletic events.  In the event that a unique circumstance necessitates a parent to drive their child, a note is required to the Athletic Office in advance.


    Students participating on interscholastic athletic teams are expected to exemplify good citizenship and good character both in and out of school.  Student-athletes should demonstrate the values of honesty and integrity and have respect for self and others.  In addition, as a requirement for participation, student-athletes and their parents agree to abide by the Buffalo School district Interscholastic Athletic  Rules.


     Expectations of the Middle School Athlete

    • Recognize participation is a privilege

    • Set a good example- be a role model

    • Follow Code of Conduct and Training Rules at all times

    • Attend and participate in all practices and game

    • Communicate potential conflicts in advance