Special Olympics - NYS Special Olympics Unified Basketball Program for the Spring 2015

  • Congratulations, we are excited to announce that HBBA School 76 will be participating in the NYS Special Olympics Unified Basketball Program for the Spring 2015 athletic season.


    This opportunity will provide a group of 12, 4th-6th grade students, 6 with IEPs and 6 without, to participate in a basketball program including interscholastic play with 11 other schools, with a celebratory culminating playoff event, at Canisius College. 


    We will begin with coach and participant training in February followed by interscholastic play from February through March.  Initially, there will be two after school practices per week.  Once games begin, there will be one practice and one game each week.   The culminating activity will be scheduled in April/May.   We hope to provide transportation through a combination of afterschool program buses, parent support, and Special Olympic/District Partnership funds. 


    The program will not only focus on athletic skill development but reinforce school and individual pride, teamwork, and appreciation of individual differences through Youth Activation and Awareness Activities to be individually developed in each school.    We would like each school to identify a special education teacher to act as the Youth Activation coordinator to facilitate Awareness Activities.


    Potential Awareness Activities might include: Unified Basketball Cheerleading Squad; “Spread the Word to End the Word” Campaign, Round Table discussions of inclusivity and dignity, Rallies for Respect, discussing and understanding stereotypes, or volunteering at Special Olympics competitions and events.