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    -      You will receive a new transportation letter if your child’s stop location or bus numbers change.  Updated letters will be mailed if your child’s stop time changes by 5 minutes or more. You will not receive a new letter if the bus schedule changes by less than 5 minutes. 

    Please review the transportation information letter for your child.  It identifies the bus numbers your child will ride, the location of the designated stop for pick up and drop off and the approximate times for pick up and drop off. 

    It is important that you have your child at the designated stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  In order to prevent delays for other students, buses will not be sent back if they arrived at the designated stop within that 5 minute window.

      The transportation department cannot change a student’s address. All address changes must be submitted to your child’s school.   

    New transportation arrangements can take up to 10 days to go into effect.



    How are bus stops selected?
    Bus stops are selected based on the most efficient route for the bus to follow that also provides a safe bus stop for each child within a reasonable walking distance from home. As much as possible, busses are kept on the larger streets.


    How can I get my child picked up or dropped off at a day care location?
    You may request transportation to a second address (e.g: day care, after school program or relative) based on the following conditions: The morning pick-up point must be the same every day (5 days per week). The afternoon drop-off point must be the same every day (5 days per week).  Students can only be transported to addresses within the City of Buffalo.


    How will I know if my child’s bus will be late?

    You can download our school bus tracking “app” Firstview.  Firstview provides real time information about your child’s bus location and arrival time.  It can be downloaded from the

    App store or Google Play.  You can get more information on our website:


    You can also call your child’s bus terminal if the bus has not arrived.  Please see your transportation information letter for terminal phone numbers.


    All students younger than first grade must be met by a responsible person at the bus stop. How do you define a responsible person and what if I can’t meet my child?
    In the event that you are unable to receive your child at the bus stop, you can fill out a parent permission drop off slip and return it to the afternoon bus driver or bus aide. This gives the bus driver permission to release your child to those people listed on the form.