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  • Developmental Screening for Pre-K Students


    Dear Parent or Guardian,

    I am happy to welcome your child and family to the Buffalo Public School District!


    Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) is now required to complete a developmental screening for all Pre-Kindergarten children. BPS is working with Help Me Grow WNY* to complete these developmental questionnaires and link families to community services. The results are mailed to you and shared with your child’s teacher. The information will be used to create a classroom learning experience that is tailored to your child’s skills and abilities.


    You may have already been contacted to complete a questionnaire.  If you have, we hope you have participated.  If you have not, please respond when you are contacted.  The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete. It is very important that all of our Pre-K children have this developmental screening done.


    You can also take the survey online, by visiting:



    This is a special site only for BPS families and all information submitted online is secure and confidential. This is an wondeful program that can help your child succeed.  Your participation is needed to give your child the best start in school.  We look forward to a wonderful year!


    Thank you,

    Ashley M. Young

    Elementary Supervisor, Buffalo Public Schools Pre-Kindergarten Program