Character Education

  • Character Education
    What is Character Education?

    Character Education is an organized approach for parents, educators and members of the community to instill strong character in our children, preparing them to become responsible adults.
    Instilling knowledge in our students is only half the job. We are also responsible for showing them how to apply that knowledge.

    September: Responsibility ~ taking care of one's self and others; being responsible for all decisions/actions.  We act responsibly when we respond appropriately to the demands of a situation.

    October:  Respect ~ treating others as you would want to be treated by being polite, kind, and fair. Remember that manners are a genuine way to show respect.

    November: Citizenship ~ respectful devotion to one's country and community.

    December: Open-mindedness ~ tolerance, a willingness to learn, the recognition of diversity, curiosity, a lack of bias... the term open-mindedness covers all of these and more.

    January: Self-reliance ~ having confidence in one's abilities, efforts, judgment and convictions; a willingness to form and pursue one's goals; a belief in one's self-worth.


    March:  Trustworthiness ~ is tied to honesty and also encompasses commitments to one's promises, of faithfulness and loyalty. It is a cornerstone of relationships, both personal and professional.

    April:  Fairness ~ is tied to honesty and following the rules: not favoring one above another.

    May:  Honesty ~ is about being truthful, trustworthy, sincere and open.

    June: Caring ~ showing gentleness, goodness of heart, compassion, and friendliness.