• School 81 emphasizes ROAR

    R - Respect for yourself, classmates, teachers at all times throughout the school day.  Respect also extends to social media and thinking before students hit submit to any text, email or online post.  

    O - Ownership over your learning.  Classwork, Homework and preparation for Tests/ Quizzes.

    A - Attitude - Students are expected to bring a positive, growth mindset attitude each day to School 81. 

    R - Responsibility - Students are expected to take responsibility for their actions, behaviorally and academically.  

    When students demonstrate ROAR within the school building they can be rewarded with a ROAR or Golden ROAR Ticket.  

    Roar Rewards can be any of the following - Small prizes, school supplies, stickers, pencils, sitting with a friend at lunch time, snacks, pizza lunch, eating outside with friends, eating with friends in a classroom.