Stuck on a Problem?

  • What Do You Do When You Are Stuck On A Math Problem?

    Here are some suggestions to help you when you get stuck:

    1. Draw a picture of the problem to help you understand what it is asking you.
    2. Look at your notes from class.  (During class, make sure you take good notes so you can look back at them!)
    3. Call, text, message or email a friend.
    4. Find an example in your book or online, one with smaller numbers is best.  Then, work the hard problem out the same way.
    5. If you are unsure about any of the key words (in the directions or question), look it up.
    6. Spend some time reviewing other topics. Topics in math build on each other, so the more you master, the easier it will be.
    7. When getting help, ask specific questions. Questions like, "How do you do this?" are to general. Try to come up with questions like: "What should I do with the one in this question when I regroup?" or "Why do I have to add in this problem before I multiply?" 
    8. Check under the resources page here for how-to videos and hints.

    These are suggestions to help you do well.  Get in the habit of working hard, asking questions when you are stuck or confused, and never giving up.  If you get in these habits now, they will help lead you to succeed throughout your entire life.