Second Grade

  • The four main mathematical focus points in grade 2 (taken from the Common Core Standards), are:

                                  (1) extending understanding of base-ten notation;

                                  (2) building fluency with addition and subtraction;

                                  (3) using standard units of measure; and

                                  (4) describing and analyzing shapes.

    * These are general overviews.  For more specific standards, follow the "Common Core Learning Standards" link on the left.



    Here are some quick ways to foster mathematical skills in everyday life:

    Practice number operations throughout the day in creative ways

    • Practice counting down from any double-digit number. For example, count down pieces of a snack as he or she eats, or use a calendar to count down the number of days to an upcoming event.
    • Help your child prepare for multiplication by having them think in about items in groups. Ask questions like "how many tires would three cars have?" or "how many toes would six people have?"
    • Make variations when playing everyday card games.  Have your child calculate everyones score when playing rummy.  Or play "WAR" by having when the higher card takes the lower card, subtract the lower number from the higher number, and the player who won that play wins those points.
    • Give your child the change in your pocket and have them count it.  Ask how many different ways he or she can make 25 cents using the change.
    • Play a variation on the game “Go Fish,” called "Tens Go Fish."  Instead of asking for cards with matching numbers, players take turns trying to make ten pairs (So if a person has 3, they would ask "Who has a 7?"). Count face cards as zero, aces as 1’s.

    Play some family games to help develop math skills:

    • Racko
    • Out of sight
    • Dominoes
    • Mancala
    • Also try some strategy games to help develop reasoning skills.  Games like checkers, battleship, chess, connect four, monopoly, and clue.