Grading Policy

    All students receive a Physical Education grade based on the following:

    Physical Education Scholar Rubric Breakdown

    Warmup- 10%

    •                                   Student consistently gives a focused effort on all aspects of the warmup.
    •                                    Student performs each exercise to best of ability.
    •                                    Student moves continuously around the track during the alotted time allowed.
    •                                    Student performs each stretch using proper form.

    Daily Performance- 60%

    •                                   Student is consistently ready, eager, and prompt for activity.
    •                                   Student moves quickly and efficiently to and from tasks.
    •                                   Student is aware of varied abilities of classmates and expresses positive feeback to others performance.
    •                                   Student consistently gives a focused effort on all tasks.


    Formative Assessment- 10%

    •                                     Student consistently follows directions at time of cleanup/dismissal procedures.
    •                                      Student participates in critical thinking questions prior to dismissal.
    •                                      Student consistently gives focused efforts on all cleanup/dismissal tasks.

    Summative Evaluation- 20%

    •                                                   Student performs the skill assessment to the best of their ability based on the rubric cues for each unit completed.


    Needs Improvement: 64% or below 

    Unsatisfactory: 65%-79%

    Satisfactory: 80%-94%

    Outstanding: 95%-100%