Physical Education Curriculum K-4

  • K-4 *Curriculum Outline 
    ( *Due to Remote Learning for the 2020-2021 School Year- all Units will be modified)
    September : Start of the year Activities/Procedures/rules
                         Locomotor Skills/Relays/Personal Space
    October: Dribbling with feet/Passing/shooting/soccer activities/Fitness Testing (4th grade)
    November: Throwing and Catching  Activities/Games/Obstacle Course
    December: Balance/Stunts/Tumbling
    January: Dribbling with hands/passing/shooting/basketball
    February: Jump Rope/hula hoop/Kids Heart Challenge
    February/March: Fitness Games/Fitness Testing (4th grade)
    March: Volleying/Striking with Paddles
    April: Striking with bat/fielding/baseball
    May: Track and Field
    May/June: Aerobic Games/Cooperative Games
    June: End of the Year Activities
    *Curriculum is subject to change