In our New York Alternative Assessment classroom we meet each child at their individual level of instruction.  We utilize The Unique Learning Program to instruct our students in all subject areas.  This program is a standards-based program specifically designed for students with special needs to access the general education curriculum.  We also use the Edmark reading program, Reading Mastery or the  Language for Learning program, depending on the specific needs of each student.  Edmark focuses on reading development and uses whole word approach, with short instructional steps, consistent repition, and positive reinforcementto ensure that students experience immediate success.  Multiple learning modalities are incorporated into this highly effective process with a variety of lesson formats that keep students motivated and involved.  Reading Mastery uses highly explicit and systematic instruction to accelerate reading and help students achieve success.  Reading Mastery focuses on phonemic awareness, phonics and word analysis, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.  In Language for Learning, the focus is on oral expression and new content is introduced carefully and integrated with previously taught content.  Daily exercises provide the building blocks for listening and reading comprehension.