Classroom News - Beginning of the Year

  • Nature Around Us:  Here are links to view to read extra books about nature:

    Dear Parents, 

     During this time away from school,please remember to work with your child on the letters

     of the alphabet (sound and name of letters). We have been working on story elements:

    who is in the story? What happened in the story? (retelling  the story in sequence) where

    were they in the story? Is this story real or make - believe? (Nonfiction or Fiction) How do

    you know? You can ask your child these questions after they have watched their favorite

    tv show,movie or listened to a story.


     In math,we have been working on patterning.Look for patterns around the house,copy

    a pattern through exercising.(jump 2 times,bend knees 4 times, clap your hands above

    your head 3 times -repeat the pattern at least 2 more times.)Make a pattern with coins 

    eg. penny nickel penny,nickel...

    Please continue working with and counting objects up to at least 15. Practice identifying

    the number 1 -10.

    Most importantly,stay safe and healthy!