2021-2022 Supply List

  • 4th Grade Supply List 

     Backpack without wheels 

    5 Back and white composition notebooks 

    3 Boxes of tissues (large) 

    1 Pack of Clorox wipes 

    1 Pack of baby wipes 

     2 Plastic pocket folders with prongs 

    #2 Pencils (2 packs of 24) 

    5 Pink Pearl erasers  

     10 Glue Sticks (2 five packs of Elmer’s) 

     24 Pack of Crayons 

    1 pair of child safe scissors 

    1 zipper Supply Pouch (no boxes) 

    1 Roll of paper towels 

    3 Packs of Expo dry erase markers 

    Highlighters (pink, yellow and green)

     Ziploc bags (boys gallon/ girls quart) 

    1 Pair of headphones labeled with your child's name (can be purchased at the Dollar Store)