Grade 3 Math

  • Grade 3 Math
    Math homework is assigned daily.  I understand that the Common Core math that is taught can be difficult to understand at times. Here are a few websites that will allow you to help your child with their homework.

    Be sure to click on the "Parents & Students" tab and select "Engage New York Math Homework Help." Once the page opens, be sure to select "Grade 3-->Module number-->Lesson number." It specifies on the bottom of the homework sheet (the first number) which module we are currently on. Before selecting the module, be sure to check out the "KHAN Academy Common Core Math Skills" link under the "For Students." There are online games to reinforce the skills learned in the modules.  

    This is the actual site for the New York State Common Core curriculum.  Here you can view the actual problems the students work on in class, answers to the problems and assessments that the students take.  

    This website has helpful videos and activities for the students to do at home to help them understand the modules.  Be sure to click on "3rd Grade" along the left hand margin to get to the videos and activities.  

    This website helps students prepare for the New York State Math assessment, which will be given in April.  Make sure "Math 2" is selected first.  Keep the number of questions set at 20.  Have them add their name.  Click "I'm Ready! Let's Start!" They must earn a score of 80% in order to move onto "Math 3."