School Uniform Information

  • School Uniform Information | Flagler County Public Schools         ECC #82 is a UNIFORM school.




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    • Students are to wear a white collared shirt, black bottoms (pants/shorts/skirt/skorts) , white or black socks and black shoes or black sneakers. (Your child will sit on the rug with legs crossed so please ensure bottoms are not too short or too tight).
    • A black sweater or sweatshirt should be available for your child to put on when the room gets a little cool. It is a good idea to leave one in the classroom labeled with your child's name.
    • No sandals or shoes without backs are allowed. Shoes should fit securely on your child's feet. When we have fire drills, or an actual emergency, we have to go downstairs and outside safely and quickly.


    *Dress your child comfortably, neat and clean. Please do not forget their backpack and school supplies.*