• Because of the in curriculum and state requirements, Pre-Kindergarten has become a more structured environment. As your child's PreKindergarten teacher, I ask that you go over some basic self-help skills with your child and emphasize that these are "growing-up" skills.
    • Taking Turns
    • Working cooperatively with other children
    • Listening to an adult other than a parent or caregiver
    • Know first and last name
    • Know age and gender
    • Know phone number
    • Use a mature grasp to hold a crayon, marker or pencil
    • Draw simple recognizable people and pictures
    • Know how to properly hold scissors and cut

    To develop responsibility, children can:

    • Button or fasten pants by themselves
    • Tie shoes and put on footwear
    • Take care of things and put them away
    • Share in home duties and responsibilities

    ***It would be helpful to practice the morning routine of getting to school. A few days before school begins, take your child through the steps of waking up, eating breakfast, washing and dressing. This helps create a morning time schedule and it helps the child become familiar with the routine to school.