Classroom News

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    This page will highlight the good news in our classroom. If there is anything that you as a parent would like to include about your child, just let me know.  I will add it to our news board!

    Student of the Month - Each month a student will be chosen to represent Room 320 on the Student of the Month Board.  Students who exhibit the qualities in our Behavioral Matrix (responsibility, ready to learn and work, being present and positive, and respectful); following the classroom rules, and completing homework and classroom assignments will have the opportunity to be chosen.

    Jobs and Responsibilities - Students will be chosen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to fulfill job responsibilities in the classroom.  Some of the jobs include but are not limited to: Line Leaders, Messengers, Technology, Maintenance, Paper Passers and Paper Collectors.

    Upcoming Field Trips - The Third Grade team will inform parents of any possible field trips that we will attend.  The $10 activity fee will be used as payment for field trips that require an admission fee.  Permission slips are needed in order for a student to attend.  If there is a fee to be paid, the amount will be noted on the permission slip.


    Communication is a key to any class. Under this section, you may find current and archived news and newsletters, upcoming events and important dates.