Supplies List 2019-2020

  • 2019-2020 School Supply List (Mrs. Young's Class)

    This list was sent to all of the students on my roster mid August.  During the first week in January, I will go through each students supply box to see if there are any supplies that need to be replaced.


     1 backpack (no wheels please - they don't fit in the lockers)

    7 marble style composition notebooks

    1 zippered school supply pouch (please no boxes)

    1 plastic folder with prongs (for Music)

    7 plastic folders WITHOUT prongs

    4 boxes of 24 count #2 pencils (yellow only) - the colorful pencils don't sharpen well.

    5 large pick erasers

    3 bottles non-alcohol hand sanitizer

    1 - 50 count pack baby wipes

    4 full sized boxes of tissues

    2 rolls paper towels

    4 glue sticks

    5 dry erase markers (black only)

    Zip Lock Bags (boys- gallon/girls- quart)

    1 box of colored pencils

    1 pair of headphones (labeled).  This can be purchased at the Dollar Store.

    $10 activity fee (for upcoming field trips)

    Please note that parents should have the following supplies at home for homework and projects:

    Glue Sticks




    3 x 5 cards

    Ruler (centimeters and inches)

    Math Flash Cards - Multiplication and Division (can be purchased from the Dollar Store)

    Extra supplies should be on hand as school supplies run out.  (Ex. crayons get broken, glue sticks get used up).