Class rules and expectations

  • Model Scholar Expectation:

    We are ECC #82

    We are a collobratative community

    We are positive

    We are prepared

    We are are present

    We are respectful

    we are responsible

    we are ready to learn and work

    We are Scholars , we are scholars, WE ARE SCHOLARS!

    The school dress code  uniforms:

    -white , black, or grey tops 

    - black bottoms 

    -rubber -soled shoes

    - Shorts are allowed in the month of September and June only.

    Expectations of first grade Students:

    •  to do your best,
    • complete your classwork 
    • complete your homework,
    •  come to school everyday rested 
    •  come prepared to learn ,
    •  use your manners 
    •  be  respectful to everyone at all times

    Homework Rules

    • to be done each day
    • returned to school the next day
    • to be signed each day by a parent or guardian
    •  practice independently
    adding and subtraction facts(0-20)